Delivering the best outcomes for our clients

LightArc is committed to proven solutions that consistently deliver the best possible outcome.

Our integrative approach adopts the core practice of Appreciative Inquiry—renowned for managing significant change in major organisations around the world. Our clients can be confident in knowing that every solution is focused on what the business needs today while ready to respond to new challenges it will encounter down the track.

A trusted process that is reliable, systematic, and outcome-focused to meet client goals.

Clients sign-off on each development milestone before proceeding to the next step to ensure full buy-in and sustainability of the solution.

An approach that is adaptive and future-oriented so it can respond to the clients’ changing needs – meet them where they are and get them where they want to go.

Our Client Engagement Framework

LightArc’s Client Engagement Framework allows us to understand the life stage of your business along with its unique challenges and needs.

This is powered by a threefold commitment:


To help you understand what is critical to every budgeting and reporting solution and be confident in how its capability can be leveraged to deliver on your expectations.


To equip you with the tools and training you need to maintain an effective budgeting and reporting solution that can be maintained beyond normal staff attrition.


Continually working with you to drive improved performance and ROI through best practice benchmarking, review and adjustment. The solution implemented today needs to adapt to new opportunities and future growth.


Discover how LightArc can bring
the power of visibility to your business

LightArc’s budgeting and reporting solutions are delivered through three customisable packages:

LightArc Activate™

For organisations looking to manage their own reporting and budgeting needs, but needing to transition from the use of manual spreadsheets to automated reporting.

Core components include:

LightArc Advance™

For organisations wanting to maximise the budgeting and reporting solution they are using, or for those who don’t have a solution and need one that will give them greater efficiencies and room for growth.

Core components include:

LightArc Accelerate™

For those organisations keen to enhance data optimisation and centralisation. This goes beyond just data integration and improving efficiencies to having a budgeting and reporting strategy that aligns with the organisation’s growth trajectory.

Core components include:

Take control of your budgeting and reporting needs

Our solutions are built on the following platforms

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