Intelligent planning platform

Using LightArc’s Activate, Advance and Accelerate solutions, the Board platform allows you to quickly and easily create simulation models that precisely reflect your business challenges, arming you with the analytical intelligence to evaluate the potential impact of your decisions before they are made.

Partnering with LightArc to implement Board will give you the insights needed to streamline decision-making processes.

discussing financial report

Strategic decision making

Facilitates unified decision making across finance and operations

Budgeting & planning

Seamless planning, forecasting and budgeting

Reporting & compliance

Enables simpler reporting, compliance and disclosure management

LightArc has introduced the benefits of Board to clients across the health sector.

Board provides a single point of truth for simpler financial management. The advanced analytics are perfectly integrated, helping you to achieve a single, seamless vision of your performance for ultimate confidence when budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

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