A solution for financial management and reporting, but so much more too

Aged care is a critical sector of the Australian economy and society, and the standard of aged care services directly impacts the wellbeing and quality of life for many Australians. It’s therefore essential that the aged care sector operates in a transparent and accountable manner across all facets of operation.

BlueCross, the largest aged care service provider in Victoria, is just one organisation that has implemented Board for simplified, as well as more consistent and accountable, management across their 32 sites and varied other services. BlueCross now has a single operating system across all of their sites to collect data and report results, making management and reporting simple and transparent.

Since the release of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety Report with 148 recommendations to overhaul the aged care sector in Australia, it’s becoming increasingly critical for organisations to be able to demonstrate the high quality of care they provide. LightArc provides solutions, such as Board, to make this simpler for businesses operating in the sector

Financial management and reporting at the touch of a button.

With the implementation of this solution BlueCross can now monitor activity, performance, and finances, so it can maintain a high standard of care for its residents.

A single-screen provides a centralised snapshot of how each of the 32 facilities is performing within the budget forecast. This makes it easy to identify any sites that are unfavourable to budget, so further investigations into budget variance can begin and strategies to remedy performance can be swiftly implemented. When accountability and transparency matter, immediate access to timely and reliable data is crucial.

Human resource management made easier than ever.

In the aged services sector, staff management has always been a significant task, and coordinating shifts, payroll, leave, and entitlements have often been considered a complicated process.

The solution introduced by LightArc automates and streamlines human resource management, making it simpler and more efficient to schedule, manage and even pay staff. A simple interface and user self-serve options allow for push-button and up-to-the-minute accurate reporting, which in turn leads to more efficient and accountable decision making.

For an organisation such as BlueCross with multiple facilities and many staff frequently working across sites, the implementation of a software system that can provide an up-to-date snapshot for each staff member, their worked hours and entitlements has made operations much simpler.

The organisation-wide benefits offered by solutions (in this instance, Board) extend well beyond financial reporting, though this tends to be the initial hurdle to overcome for most providers. Its ability to automate and structure the flow of operational data across an entire organisation can provide the insight needed to make strategic decisions faster across all levels of the organisation.

The Australian government is committed to delivering transparency and accountability in the aged care sector and, LightArc has helped some of the country’s largest aged care service providers manage systems and report on outcomes with greater accuracy and confidence. We’d be happy to discuss further details on how LightArc can assist your aged care services organisation today.

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