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October 2022

LightArc announces rebrand and new CPM Solution Packages aimed at helping organisations “Leverage the Power of Visibility”

LightArc, an innovator in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Advanced Analytics market, today announced the company’s new logo, refreshed visual identity and new website. The new branding reflects LightArc’s continued growth and business evolution to solidify their standing, offering, and direction in the marketplace.

LightArc’s rebranding is not just cosmetic. It has launched three corporate performance management solutions that are configurable to every client’s specific needs. These solution packages have been designed to help businesses and their leaders untap the value of their corporate business systems investment by leveraging the power of visibility.

All LightArc solutions are available for Epicor, Board, and Solver.

Since 2010, LightArc’s mission has been to help their clients achieve their strategic goals by successfully aligning finance and operations through the integration, automation and optimisation of multiple business systems to surface valuable insights from their underlying data.

Visibility is essential to confident, decisive business leadership, says LightArc Founder and CEO Ashley How. “We realised that, even if an organisation had a business intelligence platform or reporting tool in place, too many business leaders were ill-equipped to extract the value from the data available to them. As a result, they were being held back from confidently making the sound strategic decisions required to drive their businesses forward.

LightArc has focused on going well beyond simply a product or technology implementation. Under the stewardship of How, LightArc works side-by-side with their clients to embed innovative, comprehensive, corporate performance management and advanced analytics solutions – that align people, data, technology, and strategy – into their businesses. With this alignment, businesses gain an understanding of their most valuable asset – their data. By leveraging the power of this newfound visibility, LightArc has been able to drive compounding business value for their clients.

We want our client organisations to see what they could not previously see,” says How. “Our aim is to empower leaders through immediate access to their key business information, wherever they are, via any device, rather than having to extract reports to Excel and manually aligning that data to other data in the organisation. We’re here to help leaders and teams arrive at a place where they spend less time collating and more time analysing and driving their organisations through informed decisions.

With the implementation of LightArc’s comprehensive performance management solutions, organisations become equipped to reduce the risks of business sustainability and remove barriers to growth. “We want our clients to sleep soundly at night knowing that they’re leveraging the power of visibility and have the full confidence they need to lead their organisations into the future.

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