Look forward to the future with more transparency

The aged care sector in Australia is a fast-growing market, with 16% of the Australian population being over the age of 65. With 148 of the recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety having been accepted for implementation over the next five years at a cost of over $17 billion dollars to the Government, it’s certain there are big changes ahead for the Australian aged care sector.

Transparency in the aged care sector will result in a more secure future.

With transparency comes greater accuracy of the information available to make better decisions. By increasing transparency and accountability, providers can ensure that the quality of care being delivered is both up to standard and operationally efficient.

In order to ensure greater transparency, aged care providers must comprehensively document and be able to accurately report on every aspect of their operations, from annual operational plans and budgeting to staffing rosters to patient care. Currently, many providers are relying on outdated and stand-alone systems and processes to manage their data. When none of these systems are integrated then the storage, retrieval and analysis of data becomes less clear and cumbersome. There needs to be a better way, and thankfully there is via the integrated reporting platforms LightArc recommends through its various solutions.

Aged care providers who effectively implement an integrated reporting platform can take advantage of its powerful data management capabilities to accurately track and report on every aspect of their operations. The integration capabilities of the leading solutions also mean that providers can easily connect to any third-party systems they use, such as financial or clinical systems. This allows aged care providers to have a single source of truth for all their data, which leads to better decision-making.

Address inefficiencies and complexity

BlueCross, Victoria’s largest aged care provider operating 32 residential facilities across the state, successfully implemented the Board platform recommended by LightArc to streamline their management processes.

Initially, a solution was sought by BlueCross to handle financial management with greater ease and efficiency. Budgeting for such a large organisation across their many locations was complex, time-consuming and much of it collated manually across a range of software. The lack of clarity around budgeting processes and forecasting led to inefficiencies and had the potential for inaccuracies in reporting and decisions being made without the most up-to-date and relevant data.

The new solution has allowed BlueCross to have a lot more confidence in the accuracy of their figures, and they can see, almost in real time, where any issues or risks are with their budgets so they can be quickly addressed.


Greater insights across the business

The reporting solution not only achieved the goal for which it was originally purchased but went above and beyond, providing insights across the business that resulted in other operational efficiencies and cost savings, especially when it came to Human Resource management. With many staff working across sites, it’s now become easier to manage things such as shift rosters and leave entitlements. And this efficiency means less administration time and enhanced client care.

The aged care sector is under immense pressure to improve the quality of care being delivered. By implementing integrated reporting, aged care providers can ensure that they have the transparency and accountability needed to deliver high-quality care, while also remaining efficient and fiscally responsible. To learn more about how LightArc can help your aged care organisation improve transparency and accountability, please get in touch.

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