Epicor Data Analytics for Senior Living Solutions (powered by Phocas in partnership with Epicor) is an easy to use cloud service that enables your business to complete budgeting, forecasting and planning to help reduce costs and identify new opportunities and speed up decision making.

Epicor Data Analytics enables customers to stay up to date with daily changes to your business, eliminate time-consuming and error prone manual reporting processes.

By using Epicor Data Analytics it means that your data can be visualised across all of your business systems from production to sales.

Epicor Data Analytics gives fast access to key data and means selling, buying and planning is smarter. Reporting and ad-hoc queries are at the touch of a button, and this allows you to server your customers fast and scale up more quickly.

Epicor Data Analytics enables access and manipulates data without changing the numbers that have been entered, and this helps with decision-making and collaboration across marketing, sales, finance and operations departments.

Epicor Data Analytics is built for end-users and allows you to have access to a dedicated team of experts at Phocas who will help to maximize your usage and make the biggest impact possible to your bottom line. Epicor Data Analytics helps businesses with their budgeting, forecasting and planning.