Analyse. Simulate. Plan.

When it comes to making informed decisions, you need data visualization, data discovery, planning, forecasting and advanced analytics that are perfectly integrated and share the same metrics, data sources, view of customers, products and markets.

Board helps organisations reach a single vision of their performance in a simple and extremely effective manner. Information originating from various sources is integrated into a virtual data repository shared by the entire organisation, thus providing business users with a customised yet unitary vision.


Create compelling visual analyses and analytical applications, without the help of IT.

An innovative user environment, Board combines self-service data preparation, search-based data discovery, personal mash-ups, and drag and drop functionality to give you access to the right information faster, easier and more effectively without compromising enterprise data governance.


Instantly understand the business impact of your decisions. Board provides the capability to easily and quickly create simulation models that exactly reflect your business challenges, arming you with the analytical intelligence to evaluate the potential impact of your decisions before they are made.


Streamline any planning process across the enterprise. Board offers a modern IBP (Integrated Business Planning) platform that enables the integration of strategic, financial and operational planning, resulting in full control of performances across the organisation.


Drive better decision-making with more meaningful and predictive insights.
Embed advanced analytical and predictive capabilities into your companies’ business processes with the agility necessary to operate at the ultra-rapid pace of today’s business. All of this achieved the simple way, allowing business users to take the lead.